Michael Christie's Jukebox

Jukebox 18 “Stirs a National Consciousness”

Music forms an unbreakable bond with our sense of community and pride in our nations, the people and their histories. This international Jukebox playlist features music that goes straight to our core when we hear it. Every culture has its unique expressions of remembrance and dedication.

Jukebox 17 with John Corigliano and Mark Adamo

The dynamic duo of American opera and symphonic music, John Corigliano and Mark Adamo, host an extraordinary Jukebox Playlist. Michael is grateful for their insight, charm, and fascination with all genres of music.

Jukebox 16 with Reena Esmail

LA based composer and community music champion, Reena Esmail guides this Jukebox Playlist.

Jukebox 15 “Musician Mothers Rock It!”

This Mother’s Day playlist features heartfelt contributions from musician mothers who have made a huge difference in Michael’s life, to whom he is eternally grateful. We wish these wonderful women and all mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Jukebox 14 “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Composers and songwriters throughout time have leaned heavily on the inspiration of others and created iconic reimagined versions.

Jukebox 13 with Olga Kern

Beloved performer for audience and fellow musicians alike, Olga Kern joins Michael for this special Jukebox Playlist and insightful interview segments.

Jukebox 12 “Epic 1”

Strauss, Tallis, Led Zeppelin, Mahler, Mike Oldfield, Wagner

Jukebox 11 with composer Ricky Ian Gordon

Hindemith, Weill/Brecht, Henze, Joni Mitchell, Britten, Shostakovich, Faure, Andantino Tippett, Weisgall, Bach, Adam Guettel, Ricky Ian Gordon

Jukebox 10 Holocaust Remembrance Day

Gideon Klein, Szymon Laks, Carlo Taube, Pavel Haas, Rudolf Karel, Verdi

Jukebox 9 “Universal Number 9”

Dolly Parton, Philip Glass, Dvorak, Kalevi Aho, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Mozart, Puccini, Beethoven, Nena

Jukebox 8 with composer Kevin Puts

Bridge, Schubert, Bach, Puts, Selena Gomez, Chicago, Van Halen, and Kevin Puts’ first opera “Silent Night,” performed by the Minnesota Opera led by Michael Chrsitie.

Jukebox 7 “Made for Your Speakers”

John Browne, Tchaikovsky, Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, Nina Simone, Gorecki, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Jukebox 6 “The Greats”

Rodrigo y Gabriela, Bernstein, Les Miserables, Hamilton, Mozart, The Beatles, Handel

Jukebox 5 “Super Pink Moon”

Vivaldi, Dvorak, Tosti, Britten, Van Morrison, Neko Case, The Police, Grieg, Pink Floyd

Jukebox 4

Start your week off with some of Michael Christie’s musical favorites, carefully curated for his Jukebox playlist.

Jukebox 3

In this weekend edition of Jukebox, Michael shares favorites from his youth as a trumpet player, music he and his family have been enjoying together, and beautiful music from classical masters.

Jukebox 2

Rossini, Bill Haley and his Comets, Beethoven, Milk Carton Kids, and Rameau

Jukebox 1

Copland, Haydn, The Beatles, Prokofiev, and Vangelis