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Enluis Montes Olivar: Living the Dream, and More

At age 6, Enluis Montes Olivar attended his first concert in his native Venezuela and was immediately enthralled, particularly by the percussion instruments — tympani, cymbals, all of it.
But when he was asked, “What instrument would you like to play?”, Enluis had a much different answer: “I want to conduct!”

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Masters of Melody | Program Notes: American Songbook

The years around 1850 that brought California into the Union were also a time of burgeoning American musical identity. The “melting pot effect” that permeated most aspects of American life had an equally powerful impact on the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic qualities of American Song. The emergence of ragtime, the blues and jazz in the late 1800s into the twentieth century became national obsessions and forever changed America’s musical landscape.

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Xavier Foley: New Life for the Double Bass

Big, bulky and, well, challenging to carry much less play, the double bass is considered by some to be less glamorous than other instruments, adding harmony and texture but rarely capturing the spotlight of playing the melody.

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In Memory of Peter Van Name

In Memory of Peter Van Name “I think that we owe generations to come to preserve the cultural experience that’s been around for centuries.” - Peter Van NameThe New West Symphony family deeply mourns the loss of our valued and longstanding board member and friend,...

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