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New West Symphony League


Volunteers have been integral to the success of New West Symphony since its creation in 1995 and continue to be instrumental in everything we do. All New West Symphony enthusiasts are invited to join the New West Symphony League,  a group of many dedicated volunteers who have fun and make new friends volunteering in support of the Symphony. There are many ways to be involved, from volunteering ‘behind the scenes’ and participating in fundraising, to helping with our music education programs such as the Music Van and Symphonic Adventures concerts. The League has nearly 150 members, so it is a great way to meet fellow music-lovers in our community!

The League holds monthly meetings which all members are encouraged to attend. Our Annual Membership Meeting is held in August at which time new officers are installed for the year beginning September 1. Members will receive copies of our informative newsletter Symphony Notes and invitations to all League events, as well as a name badge to wear at League and Symphony events.

League Members also host a series of fun and informative summer activities to support the symphony, known as Pleasure of Your Company.

Annual dues:
  • Individuals $65
  • Couples $100

The membership year begins September 1, but individuals may join at any time during the year by paying a pro-rated fee.


Click here to fill out the membership application form

Please fill out this Volunteer Opportunities form and email to patcroner@gmail.com in addition to submitting the membership application form. Thanks for your interest in the New West Symphony League!

League Chair
Sheila Schwedes

To join the New West Symphony League and volunteer, please contact:

Co-Vice Chairs Membership
Pat Croner

Marilyn Sutton

You can also join online or call us at (805) 497-5880!

Members of New West Symphony League Executive Committee

New West Symphony League Cabinet


Sheila Schwedes

Chair Elect

Vice Chairs Membership
Pat Croner
Marilyn Sutton

Vice Chair Communications

Budget Administrator
Nadine Kawaguchi

Immediate Past Chair
Anne Propokovych

Past Chairs
Patricia Clothier, Nancy Israel, Elda Soderquist, Jeanette Walker, Jo-Ann Gordon, Monica Koszela, Hope Rosenfeld, Nancy Israel, Pat Croner, Marilyn Sutton, Linda Wilson, Linda Hamilton, Alda Donohue, Sandee Kane, Leslie Luciani, Denise J. Danne, Ed. D., Anne Propokovych


Artist Services
Hope Rosenfeld

Marilyn Sutton

Cindy Idell

Ernestine Stansbery


Nadine Kawaguchi

Tribute Fund
Beatrice Restifo

Trips and Tours
Stan Sutton

Volunteer Coordinator
Larry Gomberg

Social Media