Adopt A Musician

Woman playing flute

Man playing double bass

Woman playing viola

Man playing flute

Woman playing harp

Man playing trombone

Man playing trumpet

Man playing bassoon

Woman playing cello

Man playing clarinet

Adopt-A-Musician connects you with your favorite instrument or musician in the orchestra. Gifting benefits include the opportunity to meet with your adopted musician, access to exclusive invitations to private rehearsal receptions, private events where you can mingle with and get to know your adopted musician, recognition in the concert programs, and much more.  All proceeds directly support the orchestra’s continued operations, and to maintain their educational outreach to our community.


Adoption Levels

Concertmaster ♦ $10,000

Assistant Concertmaster ♦ $5,000

Principal Musician ♦ $2,500  $2,000*

Section Musician ♦ $1,500  $1,000*

*Adopt BEFORE August 31, 2023 for special pricing!

Adopt a musician today with a secure donation by clicking on the Adopt button.


For questions, please email or call General Manager Sasha Gurevich at
(805) 497–5800.