Help us be the steady “rock” within the storm for 160 youth musicians while we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Engaging and inspiring educational and youth development opportunities are more important than ever for children. Our program provides dependable and frequent music instruction to our children in a whole-person model that helps them to grow both personally and musically, also bolstering their overall wellness.

But due to financial and access challenges,  enrichment programming can be difficult for many children to participate in.

How are we able to accomplish this while everyone is isolated at home?

Laby Harmony Project TEACHING ARTISTS to the rescue! These amazing teachers, who care deeply about each and every student they teach, have came up with a plan to bring music classes to these kids online – FOR ALL AGES, K-12!


Laby Harmony Project Virtual Summer School

Our Teaching Artists have reconfigured their entire curriculum for the Laby Harmony Project VIRTUAL Summer School, teaching online in a “masterclass” setting where students will perform and practice giving each other feedback, and receive personalized feedback by the teacher. In addition to instrument classes, our middle and high school students will also be able to take online electives focused on topics such as Musical Journaling, Artistic Expression, and Mindfulness through Music to help bolster students’ coping skills and provide outlets for expression of thoughts and feelings.

Without this opportunity, many families won’t have the resources this summer to help our children realize this musical potential. Our students live in an under-resourced community. Due to financial and access challenges, other kinds of online enrichment programming can be difficult for them to participate in.

To bring the Laby Harmony Project VIRTUAL Summer School to life, we need your help:

– $250: This will provide an instrument and instruction for 1 student

– $500: This will cover tuition for the entire summer program for 1 student

– $1,000: This will provide summer programs for TEN kindergartner/1st grade students

Community is more important than ever. It takes a village – and we welcome you to be a part. Connect with us and contribute today to help our children thrive during this time!

The Laby Harmony Project provides musical opportunity to children in underserved communities, currently serving over 160 students in Ventura. We create pathways to success for Ventura children by engaging students in a multi-year continuum of rigorous after-school music training. Through offering tuition-free, long-term, and high-quality musical opportunity in the heart of Ventura’s Westside, Harmony builds social equity. By collaborating with students, families, and local partners, and together with our generous supporters, we will build a stronger, healthier, and more musically engaged community. Because of generous donations and volunteers, the Laby Harmony Project now includes over 160 students from 8 different schools, 10 teaching artists, and a growing waiting list of students that are eager to join us.

Harmony Project Teacher Interviews

New West Symphony Music Director Michael Chrsitie interviews Laby Harmony Project Teaching Artists about the program and how things are different in quarantine.