Team Brass

You can’t miss the sound of the mighty brass instruments, not just because they’re the loudest (they are!) but their clarity of sound is unmistakable. And that’s why they’re placed at the back of the orchestra. But there’s no reason Team Brass won’t make it to the front of this competition! 

Join Team Brass

Support your favorite orchestra section and get your ticket to see each section’s final performance! Buy your ticket to our June 25 live online event now. Give your team an extra boost with a sponsorship, and help New West Symphony continue to enrich and educate with symphonic music!

Below are video excerpts that showcase instruments in this section.

  1. Schumann – Concertpiece for 4 horns
  2. Ferdinand David – Concertino for Trombone
  3. Philip Smith – Trumpet Concerto
  4. Alan Hovhaness – Prayer of St. Gregory
  5. Jaws: “Main Title” with tuba sheet music
  6. Vaughan Williams – Tuba Concerto in F minor

Fun Facts

Four main instruments make up the Brass section: 

  • Horn (commonly known as French Horn, but insiders know it’s just Horn) 
  • Trumpet   
  • Trombone 
  • Tuba   

Brass instruments are basically long brass tubes curled round and round, trumpets having 6 feet of tubing, and French horns having up to 18 feet of tubing! That’s a long distance for the player’s air to make it through! 

Battle of the Sections: Orchestra Edition

For the first time in history, New West Symphony is launching a battle extraordinaire challenging its orchestra sections to compete. When you purchase a ticket to this event, you’ll join in the fun by choosing a team that represents your favorite section! The team that raises the most amount of money will win the coveted “Biggest Bang for the Buck” Award, and the section that receives the most votes during the concert will claim the title “Best Orchestra Section in the History of the World!”

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