B. Valentine, Vocalist

How B. Valentine connects to ‘Visions of America’

As part New West Symphony’s “Fascinating Rhythms” concerts January 27 and 28, international recording star B. Valentine will sing three selections from Roger Kellaway’s powerful “Visions of America,” accompanied by the photography of Joseph Sohm.

And all three — “An Open Road’s an Open Door,” “A Place That You Want to Call Home” and “We the People” — connect to B. Valentine’s own visions of America, and of herself. She elaborates:

—An Open Road’s an Open Door. “To me, this is a journey in itself. I love the movement and the tap of the foot that it inspires. The melody bounces on the scale as we take the listener through vivid images of the back roads of America. What speaks to me in this piece is the theme of connectedness. The world is small and we are all connected. The roads that line the cities in America really do connect us to endless opportunities!

“And, personally, I can identify with this song because I’m also a traveler. I love to travel and experience different ways of life. I love knowing that I can have friends wherever I land. It makes you just want to be here on earth.”

—A Place That You Want to Call Home. “This is like a lullaby. I just want to be rocked in this song. It feels familial and connected to the origins of our own existence — you know, when we were babies. And it’s a reminder that there is something sweet about nostalgia, and going home can ground you in the perfect way.”

—We the People. “This song has power! In this song, WE are collectively the people. We work together, we build things together. We are the realization of dreams of people who came before us. We are the evidence that our dreams mean something, and we can shape the future for generations to come. This song is such an inspiration to continue to be who you are, do good things, and do it with people you can love — the people. And WE are all the people.”



Austin-based soul singer B. Valentine gained acclaim as the dynamic lead vocalist of The Rebirth, with their hit single from the album “Being Thru the Eyes of a Child” reaching the top 5 in the UK Soul Charts. Her musical roots were planted in churches in Nashville, where she first developed her foundational skills, a journey she further refined while studying classical and jazz music at Belmont University. After her successful stint with The Rebirth, B. Valentine embarked on a solo career, releasing her album “Mile 1,” which showcased a more intimate and lyric-focused side of her artistry.

Beyond her solo endeavors, B. Valentine has been a versatile collaborator in songwriting and vocals, contributing to various TV shows like America’s Got Talent. In 2017, she married producer Eric Valentine, and together they have continued to create compelling music. A notable collaboration with Eric was her original arrangement of Minnie Riperton’s classic “Lovin’ You,” released in October 2022 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This rendition received nationwide acclaim, being played by over 100 radio stations and earning a spot as one of Billboard’s Most-Added songs during its release week. Her version of “Lovin’ You” has also been used to raise funds for breast cancer awareness, showcasing her commitment to philanthropy through music.

Their partnership is marked by a blend of Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Funk, featuring live instrumentation and B. Valentine’s signature vocal range, from soulful melodies to powerful storytelling.