Fascinating Rhythms

January 27-28, 2024

Joseph Sohm

American History teacher turned Photographer-Author-Public Speaker Joseph Sohm is both student and teacher of America’s past, present and future. He conceived “Visions of America” ™ as an on-going multi-media project dedicated to capturing the American spirit in print and multi-media presentations. Spanning thirty years, Sohm has traveled and photographed all 50-states. Images from his “Visions of America” collection are published 50,000 times worldwide a year and 500,000 times over his lifetime, through his international photo agencies Getty Images, Corbis, Shutterstock, etc. His contribution to this concert is a collage of images depicting holiday celebrations around the country and gorgeous American landscapes set to music by Tchaikovsky.  Visit joesohm.com for more information about the artist.