Heidi Valencia Vass, Director

Soprano and voice teacher Heidi Valencia Vass, has performed and recorded extensively in Musical Theatre, Opera, Oratorio, and Crossover genres. She is the founding member of the vocal quartet Seraphour, host and director of the masterYOURvoice program and podcast (streamed on all podcasting platforms) and is an in-demand soprano and voice coach. Ms. Vass has prepared and led musical groups for multiple performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and conducted multiple European concert tours. She is the music director at La Reina High School and has held voice faculty posts at California Lutheran University, Pepperdine University and the University of Southern California. For more information on Ms. Vass’ work see www.vassvoice.com.

La Reina High School located in Thousand Oaks, California produces students who are faith-filled, confident, capable and compassionate. In addition to regular school and community performances, La Reina’s resident high school choir, The Regent Choral Artists regularly perform at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. They are currently preparing for their third tour of Italy and are looking forward to singing mass at the Vatican in June.