Pianist Yulianna Avdeeva

Tour of China
February 25-28, 2021

A Symphonic Odyssey
January 26-27, 2025

Hong Wang

Erhu and Chinese Wind Instruments Soloist

Hong Wang is an erhu and Chinese wind instruments soloist who also serves as Special Researcher for China Conservatory of Music’s Oriental Music Research Institute. Wong is passionate about promoting new music from Asian American composers and finds unique ways to connect different genres of music together. Wang has worked with many film composers for documentaries, movies and TV. Such as recording for DreamWorks’ “Kungfu Panda Legends of Awesomeness episodes” and “Legend of Korra” episodes. (Composers: Jeremy Zuckerman/Benjamin Wynn) etc.

As an experimented multi-instrumentalist and erhu soloist, Wang performed “Erhu & Violin Double Concerto” (music by Gang Situ) with the Stanford Symphony; played sheng/bawu/recorder/suona/erhu for Tan Dun’s world premiere “2000 Today” with Shanghai Broadcasting Orchestra; world premiere “Concerto for Erhu and Orchestra” (music by Albert Chang) with Fremont Symphony; played matouqin (morin khuur) for world premiere “Xuan” (music by Huang Ruo) and Guanzi, dizi, xun for “Yuan” (music by Keeyong Chong) with the Ensemble Het Collectie (Belgium); played the bawu and xiao for Zhao Jiping’s Germany premiere “My Favourite Concubine” with Berlin Philharmonic; Zhonghu/sheng and suona with the Anthony Brown’s Asia American Orchestra (Jazz); In 2010, played the dizi and xun with the Opera Boston for 2011 Pulitzer Music Winner Zhou Long’s World Premiere “Madame White Snake”. In May 2010, played the Erhu Fantasy Concerto (music by Albert Chang) world premiere with Neubrandenburg Philharmonic in Germany. In 2011, played Alan Chan’s Erhu Concerto “Rock-Paper-Scissors” World Premiere with St. Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra in California; played as a sheng player with Guo Wenjing’s the U.S premiere contemporary Opera “Feng Yi Ting” at Spoleto Festival, Lincoln Center Festival in 2012 and Luninato Festival in Toronto, Canada in 2013.