Los Robles Master Chorale
Los Robles Master Chorale
Los Robles Master Chorale

February 29 – March 1, 2020


California Lutheran University Choral Ensembles

Wyant Morton, director

CLU Choir

The premiere choral ensemble at Cal Lutheran, the choir has earned an enviable reputation in its home state and throughout the Western United States for its commitment to performing the finest in choral literature from all eras in their original languages.

While dedicated to performing works that represent the University’s Lutheran heritage, the choir also embraces innovative new music as well as music expressing a multi-cultural perspective.

Each fall the members of the choir are carefully selected by audition. While several are music majors, the ensemble reflects the diverse interests and disciplines of the California Lutheran University student body.

Women’s Chorale

The Cal Lutheran Women’s Chorale is an ensemble comprised of primarily Freshmen and Sophomore women.

The Women’s Chorale is an ensemble of approximately 40 voices which draws its repertoire from the wealth of choral music for female voices from all historical periods, from classical selections to modern style. Membership is open to both music and non-music majors. The Women’s Chorale presents a formal concert on campus each semester and also gives off-campus performances by invitation.


Areté is an innovative professional ensemble of vocal artists based in Thousand Oaks, California with the goal of performing the widest possible vocal and choral repertoire including works from essentially all periods of music history with energy, passion, expertise, and virtuosity. Special attention will be given to contemporary, experimental, improvisatory, “cross-over”, and ethnic music.

Areté has been created to address a pressing need in contemporary concert life. Visionary composers in the U.S. and beyond are creating a distinguished body of work for voices, but few professional American ensembles exist to perform this important repertoire, which combines the flexibility and intimacy of chamber music with the power and sonic variety of a symphonic chorus.

Areté seeks to build new audiences for this music by developing trailblazing modes of presentation, including unprecedented interdisciplinary collaborations, while maintaining the highest artistic standards. With an ear for the new, the unknown, and the unconventional, Areté strives to expose its audiences to exciting, adventurous and trendsetting music in formats that make the music accessible and alive. Through the combined power of words and music, an uncompromising attention to musical detail, and a passion for live performance, an Areté concert promises to be a joyful, moving, educational, and soul-nurturing experience.

Areté will perform in flexible sizes and configurations, and in a variety of venues including concert halls, churches, clubs, festivals, and performance spaces.

With its youthful profile, eclectic spirit, hand-picked roster of outstanding singers, and commitment to the music of our time, Areté is poised to become a powerful force for musical excellence in the concert life of Southern California.