Team Woodwinds

Located in the middle of the orchestra, woodwind instruments are also in the middle of the sound range. Collectively their sound brings a warmth and richness to symphonic music, but as solo instruments, they ring cool and clear. Team Woodwinds will blow your socks off!

New West Symphony flautist Carol Lockart shares her passion for the flute! Then, watch great piece of music that make the woodwinds section shine!

  1. Carl Nielsen – Flute Concerto
  2. Strauss – Oboe Concerto
  3. Brahms – Clarinet Sonata No. 2
  4. Mozart – Bassoon concerto B-Flat major, K191

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Fun Facts

While there are 4 main instruments in an orchestra’s woodwind section, there are several variations of each: 

  • Flute (including piccolo and recorder) 
  • Clarinet (in two tones, A and B flat) 
  • Oboe (and English Horn, which is not English or a horn)
  • Bassoon (German and French versions)  

While saxophone and bagpipe are in the family, they’re not typically part of a symphony orchestra.  

Battle of the Sections: Orchestra Edition

For the first time in history, New West Symphony is launching a battle extraordinaire challenging its orchestra sections to compete. When you purchase a ticket to this event, you’ll join in the fun by choosing a team that represents your favorite section! The team that raises the most amount of money will win the coveted “Biggest Bang for the Buck” Award, and the section that receives the most votes during the concert will claim the title “Best Orchestra Section in the History of the World!”

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