Family Concert

The Orchestra Swings!

Join the New West Symphony for a fun and interactive concert for kids and the whole family! In partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, New West Symphony performs The Orchestra Swings.

Sunday, March 10, 2019 | 2:00 pm
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

“Swing” is many things. It’s a distinctive rhythmic feel; a musical era dominated by big band jazz; a style of dance that grew alongside the music; and that elusive but unmistakable feeling that results when musicians are deeply tuned into each other and playing in sync, or “in the pocket.” Though swing is characteristically associated with jazz, an orchestra can also swing.

Download the student guide and practice at home before the concert! Then, get ready to show off what you learned and play along with the orchestra!

Download the guide now and start practicing! >>
Listen to the music as you practice! >>