Oxnard Performing Arts Center

“You must know how I and all of my colleagues feel about the Adopt-A-Musician program. It is fantastic!!”

Tim Barr, Principal Bass

Adopting a New West Symphony musician lets you play an instrumental role in supporting the Symphony and keeping music alive in our communities.

New West Symphony is proud to attract talented professional musicians from around the world. The Adopt-a-Musician program is a wonderful way to support the ongoing commitment to bringing the best and brightest musicians to our orchestra.

When you Adopt a Musician you have an opportunity to connect on an individual level. You will receive exclusive information and invitations to special events where you can learn more about the musician. For example, Adopt-a-Musician sponsors are invited to take a glimpse behind the scenes with backstage tours and conversation with your musician during select concerts and receptions.


Adopt-A-Musician Sponsorship Options

  • Sponsor a section musician ~ $1,000
  • Sponsor a second chair musician ~ $1,500
  • Sponsor a Principal Musician ~ $2,500
  • Sponsor the Concertmaster ~ $5,000

Names in Italic denote donors who have sponsored musicians.
Roster of adopted musicians is for the 2013/2014 season.

First Violins

Danielle Belen, Concertmaster
Linda Hamilton
Leah Mendelsohn
Mary Schwabauer
Miriam Wille
Marisa Sorajja, First Assistant Concertmaster
Tina Chang Qu, Second Assistant Concertmaster
Judge David W. Long & Shirley Critchfield, in memory of Richard B. Chess, Jr.
Jennifer & Craig Zobelein
Melissa Phelps-Beckstead*
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope
Lisa Dondlinger
Tamsen Beseke
Yin Jiang
Danna Vest/Hoffman Vest Judaken Design
Jennifer & Craig Zobelein
Jeff Corwin
Joel Pargman
Radu Pieptea
Eloise & Charles Cohen, in memory of Helen A. Olson
Ashoka Thiagarajan

Second Violins

Eric Wuest, Acting Principal
Gunilla & David McCune
Dianne Rammon
Elizabeth Pitcairn
Hakop Mekinyan
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope, in memory of Elly Nordskog
Nan Ying
Jennifer & Craig Zobelein
Carrie Kennedy
Arlene & Paul Samek
Ina Veli
Rebecca Chung Hamilton
Jerry Robbins


Lauren Chipman, Principal
Lydia & Marty Kaplan, Ph.D.
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope
Miriam Wille
Diane Gilbert, Assistant Principal
Moonjun Allison
Sandra & Jordan Laby
Josephine Liu Moerschel
Aaron Oltman
Erik Rynearson
Kaila Potts*


Mark Tanner, Principal
Marney Weaver
Wendy Velasco, Assistant Principal
Lydia & Marty Kaplan, Ph.D
Co-Sponsors:   Bobbie & Dennis Hagerty, Keyboard Concepts
                               Nancy Israel
                               Erin Pohl & Bob Pearson
Giovanna Moraga Clayton
Paula Fehrenbach
Sue & Harris Ziff
Pamela de Almeida
Robin Snyder
Xiao-Dan (Helen) Zheng
Kim Zeitlin-Gold & Victor Gold
Judge David W. Long & Shirley Critchfield, in memory of Richard B. Chess, Jr.
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope


Timothy Barr, Principal
Philippa & Karl Klessig
Mary Schwabauer
Barry Newton, Assistant Principal
Charlotte E. Batistic-Kendig
Jeff Bandy
Nicolas Philippon
Thomas Harte
Mark D. Wallace


Paul Fried, Principal
Nancy Israel, in memory of Bill Israel
Carol Lockart
Vicki Riggs


Lara Wickes, Principal
Frances Pardee
Fredric Beerstein


Josh Ranz, Principal
Karen & Paul Finkel, M.D.
Ran Kampel
Nancy Mathison


Duncan Massey, Principal
William Wood


James Thatcher, Principal
Heather Mobarak
Jon Titmus
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope
Jenny Kim, Assistant
Kat & Paul Auletta, The Piano Outlet
Paul Loredo
Co-Sponsors:   Rosemary Esparza
                               Elena Velarde


James W. Grinta, Principal
Silvio Pelico
David Scott, Associate Principal/Second Trumpet
David Etterbeek


Andrew Malloy, Principal
Bob Biery
Brad Close
Karen Dean Fritts & John Shwope, in memory of Richard B. Chess, Jr.
Robert Coomber


P. Blake Cooper, Principal
Natalia Staneva & Eugene Yankevich


Mark Zimoski, Principal
Beverly Ulis


Marie Matson, Principal
Patty Biery
Kenneth McGrath
Barbara & Stuart Bloom
Cynthia & Paul Idell


Maria Casale, Principal


Patricia Mabee, Principal

Personnel Manager

Robert Bockholt
Jennifer & Craig Zobelein
*On Leave

Endowment And Planned Giving